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It is advisable to reserve a rental vehicle before arriving in Trinidad & Tobago, particularly during the busy Christmas and Carnival seasons. The road network in both islands is relatively well developed, on the other hand, roads in some rural areas may be narrow and winding. Given that Trinidad and Tobago is an old British colony, it is important to note that cars drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Visitors holding valid driving permits issued from other countries are permitted to drive for up to 3 months without a Trinidad & Tobago issued driver's licence.

Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) is the sole-operator of Trinidad & Tobago’s commercial bus transportation. These buses can take you from one end of the island to another within a day. Another option can be the inexpensive and fixed route maxi taxis/minibuses designated by colour and have set prices for the route that they cover.

Private taxis are also available and generally found at major hotels. Fares are not metered and should be confirmed before departure. All licensed taxis are designated by "H" on the license plate.

Caribbean Airlines is Trinidad and Tobago’s national airline that offers daily flights between Trinidad and Tobago. Flights can be booked directly at: www.caribbean-airlines.com

To complement the national airline, there is an inter-island ferry service that provides a high speed ferry that takes 2 to 3 ½ hours between the two main ports of Port of Spain and Scarborough at a low cost.



Known as the biggest street party on Earth- Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival is officially celebrated on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday every year. The Carnival festivities start just after Christmas and continues until Ash Wednesday-loaded with dozens of high energy parties and premier cultural competitions. Carnival Monday opens with J’Ouvert at 4am, when revellers parade through the streets immersed in paint, grease and mud until sunrise. Later in the day on Monday and all day on Carnival Tuesday, thousands of masqueraders flood the streets throughout the islands in bold, colourful costumes, dancing through the parade routes to the exhilarating sounds of soca, steelpan and calypso music.

If you want to take part in the parade, you can purchase a costume of your choice from the many Carnival bands available. Then, you can collect your costumes just before the festival. Many Carnival Bands are all-inclusive, which means on Carnival day, food and drinks and other amenities are provided. There are also package deals for the J'Ouvert, but remember to book early!

Main Carnival events?

Held on the Saturday before Carnival at the Queen's Park Savannah, the Panorama Competition is another significant feature of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival. Recognized as the pre-eminent steel band competition in the world, Panorama is an annual music competition open to both conventional and single pan steel bands in four main categories: Large Conventional Steel bands, Medium Conventional Steel bands, Small Conventional Steel bands and Single Pan Bands. Up to 100 musicians rhythmically beat their pan sticks against the steelpans to create infectious music that seems to fuel the desire to dance. Created in the 1930’s, the steel pan is the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago and is widely accepted as the only musical instrument created in the 20th century.

A massive cultural show, Dimanche Gras is held the Sunday night before Carnival at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain. In addition, on the night of Dimanche Gras, 10 to 13 calypso singers battle for the title of Calypso Monarch against the defending title holder from the previous year.

The official start of Carnival, J'Ouvert takes place before dawn on Carnival Monday and bands of revellers dressed in old clothes cover themselves in oil, grease, paint, chocolate or mud and dance through the streets till the sun comes up.

Masquerade bands consisting of thousands of people 'jumping up' (dancing) in glittery, colourful and often revealing costumes rule the streets on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Each band has its own historical, mythological or tropical concept with various sections depicting aspects of the main theme.

The costumes worn by masqueraders on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, these costumes can be simple or elaborate in design.

Steelpans are available for purchase in Port of Spain at the following outlets:

Panland Trinidad and Tobago
Corner Eastern Main Road & Dorata Street
Trinidad and Tobago

Tel: +1 (868) 627-0185

Simon's Music Supplies
59 St Vincent Street
Trinidad and Tobago

Tel: +1 (868) 625-6412


A huge number of people come to Trinidad and Tobago for a wide range of procedures and treatments such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • Spinal surgery
  • Weight loss and bariatric surgical procedures
  • Dialysis treatments
  • Cancer care
  • Fertility
  • Dental treatments
  • Heart surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Lasik eye surgery
  • Stem cell therapies
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